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Specialty Performers:  Belly Dancers ~ Flamenco Dancers
Costumed Greeters

Belly Dancers

Belly Dance is a style of dance which originated in the Near East, probably among the Ouled Nail people of North Africa, but has since spread worldwide and has become a medium of entertainment as well as an art form.

The Gypsy Folk Ensemble offers Belly Dancers for performances at private parties, birthday celebrations, club dinners, trade shows or business events in the greater Los Angeles area. Single or multiple dancers are available. Dancers also can provide a special program for retirement homes and other senior facilities, especially for the Father's Day holiday. Contact us for information on booking dancers to bring the art of Belly Dance to your special occasion.
Belly Dancers for parties

Belly Dancers for corporate entertainment
Belly Dancer for Retirement Homes

Belly Dance Group for Parties and Businesses

Flamenco Dancers

Flamenco is an ancient art combining music, song and dance which is thought to have had its origin in the late Renaissance period in Spain. A merging of Spanish Gypsy (gitano) songs and southern Spanish folk traditions, it first became a public art in the middle of the nineteenth century. The Gypsy Folk Ensemble is pleased to be able to present modern practitioners of Flamenco to our clients for parties, wedding receptions, club luncheons, travel or trade shows, business meetings, and corporate events in Los Angeles and Southern California.

Dance soloists can be provided but to savor the true Flamenco spirit, a guitarist and possibly a singer should ideally be added. Contact us for more information on hiring dancers to bring a celebration of the Flamenco tradition to your event. And to add another dimension to dance entertainment, take a look at our Polynesian-Flamenco fusion show.
Flamenco Dancer for parties, weddings
Flamenco Dancer for Corporate Entertainment

Flamenco Dancer for Business Entertainment, Trade shows

Costumed Presenters and Greeters
      Performers in Gypsy costume for your corporate event
Do you need a costumed presenter for a trophy or an award at a corporate event or party? How about an emcee to preside over an Oktoberfest or Polynesian Lu'au with games and contests? Or maybe a performer in authentic folk costume to meet and greet guests at an ethnic-themed function or a travel or trade show? And of course, the perfect beginning to a Hawai'ian Lu'au party is one or more traditional Lei Greeters to meet and adorn the arriving guests.

And to provide just the right touch of exotic background, try a few of our dancers attired in Gypsy or Greek costume mingling with your guests at a party or dinner. Some pirates or a couple of colorful characters from the the mysterious Levant can also be part of the program.

In addition to its dance performances, Gypsy also offers presenters and greeters in traditional folk dress. We can furnish male and female performers in a wide variety of costumes from various cultures in Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Performers are available for private parties, weddings and business events in Los Angeles, Orange County and other areas of Southern California. Contact us for more information on booking through the Gypsy Folk Ensemble.
 Costumed Greeters for a party or wedding

Polynesian Luau Greeter / Award Presenter
Renaissance Couple to greet guests at a wedding, party, travel show
Greek Costumed Dancers for business entertainment, trade show
Lei Greeter for a Hawai'ian Lu'au Party or trade show
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