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Student Workshops and School Residencies in Dance
Student Workshops provide an opportunity for students to actively participate in dance and to encourage cooperation and tolerance. Workshops can range from a one-day dance session for a single class to multiple day meetings with several classes. Workshops normally consist of four 45 minute sessions in a day with different classes which introduce students to several folk and ethnic dances from different areas of the world.

School Residencies can extend over several weeks and give greater emphasis to more involved dance forms and creative choreography. They also allow an in-depth exploration of other cultures and customs. Residency programs can involve one or more classes and may also include preparing students for their own dance presentation.
Workshops and Residencies can be coordinated with social studies programs for specific grades. Materials provided to teachers include lesson plans, detailed dance directions and cultural notes, and music for all the dances taught.
Student workshop in dance
Learning a Greek Folk Dance
Students learning a folk dance
The teaching sessions conform to California state dance standards for schools and stress the following aspects:

Developing motor skills
Partnership and group cooperation
Dance formations and rhythms
Learning dances from different countries
Cultural and geographical background
Respect for diversity
Culturally diverse program in dance

Students and Teachers Participating in a LAUSD School Workshop Series
School Folk Dance Workshop Los AngelesSchool student workshop in dance education
Student residency for dance LAUSD schoolSchool student workshop for dance education
Adding Other Components
If you want to expand your school's arts education program in dance, you may also want to look into booking individual School Assemblies or Professional Development workshops. Gypsy also offers a Dance Package which combines all of our separate school offerings into a comprehensive dance education program.

Where We Perform
The Gypsy Folk Ensemble presents Student Workshops at public and private schools in Los Angeles County, Orange County and other areas throughout Southern California. Contact us for more information on customizing student workshops or residencies for your school and student needs.

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