Comprehensive Dance Package for Schools - Gypsy Folk Ensemble

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Comprehensive Dance Package

The Gypsy Folk Ensemble offers an eight-week multi-cultural world dance program designed to provide California state standards based dance education. Its further goals are to encourage active participation in dance, to promote appreciation for cultural diversity, and to use folk dance as a means to stimulate interest in geography and social studies. This complete package consists of the following components:

A one-hour planning meeting with school faculty and administration allows staff to tailor the program to school and student needs and to integrate the program with the curriculum.

Fee: $150.00
Two 45-minute assemblies of an international dance program serve to motivate and introduce students to ethnic dance. Six different assemblies are available.

Fee: $1300.00
In a series of 20 in-depth 45 minute workshops for selected classes, students are taught a variety of folk dances and learn about dance vocabulary, movement and formations, the role of dance in society, creative expression, and cooperation in dance.

Fee: $3700.00
A 1-hour interactive workshop with instruction in international folk dances suitable to different grade levels provides faculty with the dance material and instructional techniques they need.

Fee: $500.00
Materials include assembly guides, lesson plans, music CDs or Flash Drives for all dances taught, and a 40-page teacher's resource guide with full dance directions.

Fee: $275.00

Fee for the entire package: $5925.00

If your school is not financially able to take advantage of our comprehensive dance package, we can adapt the package to suit your school's needs and budget. It may also be possible to obtain a grant from the Earth Cultures Project to partially or fully fund your school's dance education program.

Individual School Assemblies, Student Workshops, and Professional Development sessions for staff are also available.

Our Dance Package is available to schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) as well as other school districts in the Southern California area including Orange County. Contact us to get a specific program made to order for your school.

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