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Dance Entertainment for Holidays and Special Occasions

The Gypsy Folk Ensemble has crafted a series of presentations based on world dance to celebrate various holidays throughout the year from the beginning of the New Year to December. Gypsy can adapt these programs for different venues:

Educational programs for children and adults in LIBRARIES
Colorful dancers for holiday PARTY entertainment or a club meeting
Dance and music for an office party, company picnic or a CORPORATE EVENT
Special shows for SENIORS in retirement, convalescent and nursing homes

In addition, a selected group of our holiday shows have been modified for entertainment in PRESCHOOLS.

If you are planning a party or event to celebrate a holiday and want to add some exciting dance entertainment, Gypsy is here for you. Contact us to hire dancers for your private or company holiday celebration. The ensemble is available for bookings in the greater Los Angeles region, Orange County and other areas of Southern California.

Here are some of our most popular Dance Shows for Holiday Entertainment:
Company Holiday Party Dance Entertainment
International Festival

Get ready to ring in the New Year with Gypsy's International Festival.

Bring your party hats and let us take you on a New Year's tour of Central Europe with dance, music and some New Year's customs.

We'll do dances from Germany, Switzerland and the mountains of western Austria, then we'll travel on to Slovenia, Croatia and a few other locales.                          
Italian Dancers for a Valentine's Day Party
Romantic Dances of Italy

Gypsy's Italian dance show is a great way to liven up a Valentine's Day party!

We'll bring you a variety of spectacle from the flirtatious dances of the Alpine foothills to the most famous of all Italian dances, the Tarantella of Southern Italy and Sicily.

Gypsy will paint an exciting portrait drawn from the rich and colorful store of Italian folklore.

Irish Dance Entertainment Office Holiday Party
Irish Dance Party

Come celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a good old-fashioned Irish dance party called a Ceilidh.

Watch Jigs, Reels, and Hornpipes, wear something green and sing along with us!

We'll perform dances, sing songs, and tell some stories from the Celtic peoples of Ireland, Wales and Scotland to celebrate the life of St. Patrick and give you a taste of Irish culture.
Dance entertainment for holidays
Greek Dance Festival

YASOU! Take a trip with us to sunny Greece!

Let Gypsy create all the excitement of a Greek Dance Festival for you.

Imagine yourself in a Greek Taverna while Gypsy brings you a scintillating program of dances from the land of Zorba the Greek. The perfect match for the Spring season and Easter.

Holiday Parties Los Angeles Orange County
Maypole Celebration

Get ready for May Day or Mother's Day with a traditional Maypole celebration.

We  will bring the Maypole and entertain you by performing a variety of  dances from many times and places, including some old English Country  Dances along with a few dances from Ireland, Greece and Armenia.

The audience might even participate in the Braiding of the Maypole!

Mexican Dance Fiesta

Join Gypsy to commemorate Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) or Mexican Independence Day (on September 16) with an exciting suite of dances from nearby but exotic Mexico.

This show combines colorful costumes with a wide variety of Mexican folklorico dances from the Texas border area all the way down to the southernmost Mexican state of Chiapas.

Fourth of July Holiday Party Entertainment
American Dance Party

Get out the hot dogs and hamburgers to celebrate Memorial Day, the Fourth of July or Veteran's Day with an American Dance Party.

We'll travel through the USA from North to South and East to West, visiting old San Francisco during the Ragtime Era, along with stops in New England, Texas and New Orleans to see a variety of American dances.

 Polynesian Luau Dancers for Holiday Parties
Polynesian Luau

August is Summer Luau party time as we mark Hawaii's admission as our 50th state on August 21, 1959.

Join Gypsy in a spirited multicultural Polynesian Lu'au which combines the graceful Hula of Hawai'i with the energetic and vigorous dances of Tahiti and the haka of the Maori people of New Zealand.

Oktoberfest Holiday Dancers Los Angeles

Wilkommen! Celebrate the famous German festival of Oktoberfest with Gypsy as we voyage from the raucous Bavarian HofbraĆ¼haus to the valleys of the Austrian Tirol.

Enjoy the music, song and dance of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland!

Raise your Stein in a toast and get ready to enjoy the Oktoberfest holiday with Gypsy.

Holiday Dance Entertainment Orange County
American Hoedown

Commemorate our American heritage with some Country-Western dances at our American Hoedown for Father's Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or any other holiday occasion.

We'll perform spirited dances from Down South, the old West and the new West.

We might even teach you an easy version of an old cowboy dance called "Cotton-Eyed Joe" Yee-ha!

Dance Entertainment for Halloween Parties
Dances of Transylvania

Are you ready for a spooky Transylvanian Halloween? In this show, we present dances from Transylvania -  that strange and remote corner of Europe that is now part of  Romania.

This show can be done as a tie-in to Halloween or as an exploration of the varied peoples that have contributed to the culture of Transylvania: the Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and Armenians.

Holiday Party Entertainment - Los Angeles
International Holiday Show

Come join Gypsy in a multi-cultural holiday celebration!

We celebrate the holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Las Posadas as we perform a colorful mixture of dances from various countries.

The show features folklorico dances from Mexico, Austrian and German dances, a Jewish dance, and an African dance that the audience can join in on.
If you don't see what you're looking for in the list of shows above, contact us and let us know what you are interested in. We do have several other dance programs available and we may be able to create a special performance just for you.
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