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Dancers for Private Parties, Weddings and Clubs
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If you're an individual, club or organization looking for professional dance entertainment for any occasion, whether it's Hula dancers for a Hawai'ian Lu'au, German dancers for an Oktoberfest party, Greek folk dancers for a wedding or Italian traditional dancers for a club luncheon, we have the answer for you - the Gypsy Folk Ensemble. In fact, our performers can bring you the best in dance entertainment for just about any ethnic themed event.

We have been providing professional high quality world dance and music productions for over 25 years in Los Angeles and other areas of Southern California. Gypsy can enliven your party with an exciting performance of folk and traditional dances from Polynesia, Europe, the Middle East or the United States. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our ability to meet the needs of our clients. Contact us for more information on booking and availability.

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Gypsy has presented hundreds of programs at clubs, weddings, private parties, mobile home parks and senior centers. The company performs throughout the Southern California area from Santa Barbara and Ventura counties to Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego. For party and wedding planners, we can help you add another dimension to the services that you can provide for your clients.  So, contact us now to find out how to hire dancers to perform at a customized party or special occasion just for you.

Here are some of our most popular shows for parties and weddings but we have plenty of others as well!
Polynesian Luau

 Hire Polynesian Dancers for a Luau party

German Oktoberfest!

Hire Oktoberfest Dancers for a Party or Senior Center
Greek Taverna

Hire Professional Greek Dancers for a Birthday Party or Wedding

More on Greek Dancing...
Italian Festa

Hire Italian Dancers for a Wedding or Birthday Party

More Ethnic-Themed Party Entertainment
Book professional Armenian Dancers for Wedding Entertainment

Gypsy can also provide other unique world dance party or wedding entertainment including Armenian or Estonian dance suites, some traditional American dances, or a Mexican folklorico performance. We can also bring you Irish, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese, Dutch, or multi-cultural international programs. In addition, we have specialty performers in Belly Dance and Flamenco. And if you could use a folk costumed greeter or two for your party, wedding reception, birthday celebration or club meeting, we can provide that as well.

Live music is also available - we can offer you a boisterous German band for your Oktoberfest, a ukelele player for a backyard Luau, or Greek musicians for a Taverna scene. Also on hand are Italian and Irish bands for listening or dancing.

Be sure to check out our Holiday Shows to book entertainers for parties or other occasions that have a special holiday theme.

Contact us to hire dancers and musicians through the Gypsy Folk Ensemble - we'll work with you bring you the perfect entertainment for your party, wedding or club program. Gypsy is available for performances in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County and other locations throughout Southern California.
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Hire Mexican dancers - parties, birthdays, weddings, quinceaƱeras
Mexican folklorico dance
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Hire traditional American folk dancers for a party, wedding or birthday
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