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The Gypsy Folk Ensemble - A World Dance Company

What We Provide
  • Educational and culturally diverse Assembly Programs for SCHOOLS which can also include workshops for students and staff.
  • The best in exciting ethnic dance presentations for weddings, PARTIES and other fun occasions.
  • Innovative dance entertainment for corporation and BUSINESS events, the perfect solution for all your company's needs.
  • Informative and entertaining family-oriented world dance shows for adults and children in LIBRARIES.
  • Holiday-themed dance programs to enrich activities for SENIORS in nursing and retirement facilities.
  • SPECIAL PERFORMERS in Belly Dance and Flamenco, as well as emcees and folk costumed characters to greet your guests.
Dancers from the Gypsy Folk Ensemble performing with Weezer on the MTV Artist of the Week music video "Thought I Knew." Choreography by David Kamins.

Make sure to check out our FEATURES section for news and special articles on the dance company as well as more videos.
Gypsy Folk Ensemble Perfoming a Contradance for a Weezer Music Video on YouTube
Who We Are
We are a professional world dance performing company based in Los Angeles, California established in 1978 to preserve, perform and teach traditional folk and ethnic dances from people and cultures around the world.

The dance group offers an extensive series of educational and entertaining dance programs for a wide variety of venues such as schools, libraries, festivals, clubs, business events, private parties and senior facilities.

The dance company makes its home at the Gypsy Camp Ethnic Arts Center in West Los Angeles which also functions as a dance studio and community venue.

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Where We Perform
Gypsy generally performs in the greater Los Angeles area of Southern California including Orange County. We sometimes also travel to San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties. The dance company occasionally tours to other areas including Northern California and neighboring states in the Southwest. Contact us for availability in your area and to book the Gypsy Folk Ensemble for your special event.
As a contribution to the folk dance community, the Gypsy Folk Ensemble is hosting the compilation "Early Sources for the History Of Folk Dance in the Balkans and Western Asia", a collection of accounts from travelers, writers, artists, scholars, and historians relating to folk dance in the Balkan and Middle Eastern regions.
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